Frequenty asked questions (FAQ)

Market description syntax

The market descriptions use a subset of the Markdown markup language to allow users to format their text.

Available syntax

Heading 1# Title


Heading 2## Title


Heading 3### Title


Bold**bold text**bold text
Italic*italicized text*italicized text
Blockquote> blockquote
Ordered list1. first
2. second
3. third
  1. first
  2. second
  3. third
Unordered list- first
- second
- third
  • first
  • second
  • third
Horizontal Rule---
Centered text
(Works for every heading and default text)
[c]centered text
## [c]Title

centered text


Available emotes

:witchtrade:WitchTrade emote
:piggy:Piggy emote
:sheep:Sheep emote
:chicken:Chicken emote
:thl:Two Hairs Left emote
:fingernails:Fingernails emote
:mouse_poop:Mouse poop emote
:troll_eyes:Troll eyes emote
:mandrake:Mandrake emote
:crystallized_moonlight:Crystallized Moonlight emote
:odd_mushroom:Odd mushroom emote
:rusty_nails:Rusty nails emote
:shell:Shell emote
:ectoplasm:Ectoplasm emote
:red_string:Red string emote
:coin:Coin emote
:candy_cane:Candy cane emote
:morgaryll_flower:Morgaryll flower emote
:scarab:Scarab emote

Profile verification

What are the benefits of being verified?

  • Being verified shows other users that:
    • you are the user that you claim to be.
    • your market is not fake and you are really offering the items you claim to offer.
    • your prices are real.
    • you have a steam profile AND trade link linked to your account.
  • Verified users will be displayed on top of every other users, even if they are offering things for a higher price or if they have less offers.

Can I loose my verification?

Yes, you could. If:
  • you change your steam profile or trade link, you will get unverified automatically.
  • you break any criteria for being verified, WitchTrade is allowed to remove your verification.

How do I get verified?

Make sure you meet the following criteria:
  • You have both a valid steam profile and trade link linked to your WitchTrade account.
  • To make sure you are really the Steam user you linked, you need to verify your Steam account in your account settings.
  • Your market is real and you are really offering the items present.
  • Your prices are real and there are no placeholder prices eg. "0 price means I want items from my wishlist"
  • Your username and display name don't impersonate another known person in the Witch It community.

After you made sure that you fulfil all these requirements, you have to send your WitchTrade profile link into the verification channel on the WitchTrade Discord.

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